Mulberry Lodge

Mulberry WeddingMulberry Lodge is the latest addition to our venue Pangdean Farm, finished in July 2015 it is proving a hugely popular option for an outdoor ceremony. The number of guests that can be seated is virtually unlimited and it is the perfect venue for a wedding or blessing.

The Lodge is built such that it nestles into the old mulberry tree and the apple trees in the orchard with branches of the trees growing right through the oak shingled roof. Views from it are across the beautiful gardens and up into the South Downs beyond. It is fully lit internally and has a dedicated sound system.

By its very nature, weather will play a big part in proceedings and there will always be the contingency to move the ceremony into the main barn or small barn. This contingency, though decided well in advance as part of your wedding planning, can be implemented very much at the last minute as weather dictates. The term ‘outdoor wedding’ is slightly misleading.

Mulberry-1By law, a ceremony, which comprises the happy couple, the two registrars and the two witnesses, must take place inside a structure with a solid roof. It cannot take place at, say, a table simply set up somewhere in the garden. The guests however may be truly outdoors observing the proceedings. Once the ceremony is completed, you may then move seamlessly into the rest of the garden for welcome drinks and canapés.

Mulberry Table 1